What is Amazon Echo Dot?

Amazon Echo DotAmazon Inc. came a long way from from being online retailing platform to e-readers to online computing and then foraying into Smart Speakers. The Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot products is their latest Smart Speaker offering which is clubbed with the Intelligent Personal Assistant named Alexa. And if you are reading this article, you would certainly be curious to know that how these two are different. Very well then let's do the category wise analysis.

Interacting With The Device

Amazon Echo & Amazon Echo Dot features a near similar hardware and technology at their heart and both are controlled by Alexa! They feature Seven Far Field Voice Recognizing microphones with active noise cancellation to make sure that it listens to your commands no matter what. You can ask them both to play music, switch off lights, set alarm, call dad, listen to news, book restaurant or just hear a joke. And they will respond back the inbuilt Speaker.

They basically work on principle of Skills, each capable of helping you perform an action. According to Amazon they are adding new Skills everyday so as you can book your Pizza from Dominos, call an Uber or simply read a book to your child!

Ease Of Moving The Device

Amazon Echo 2 Smart SpeakerSize wise Amazon Echo is cylindrical and a taller device on heavier side as it supports a full scale woofer. On the hand, the Amazon Echo Dot is small Hockey Puck sized device which can be adjusted almost anywhere in the room. It is primarily focused towards bed-room night stand placement assuming you already have a full sized device for Hall but not necessary. You could as well pull out the Amazon Echo Dot and put it in your kitchen as your cooking assistant.  If however you have multiple devices you can configure only one to respond back to your command.

Both the devices are powered by wall power source with bundled adapter and cable. However for Amazon Echo Dot, you get Portable Battery Pack or Alexa Battery Base as Third Party offerings which can make it cordless to some extent. But don't forget to charge the batteries else it may stop responding!

Meet The Speakers

Perhaps the biggest differentiator here are the Speakers that they come along. The Amazon Echo comes with a 2.5" woofer and 0.6" tweeters which Amazon claims as Room Filling sound. On other hand Amazon Echo Dot has 0.6" speaker which is enough for Alexa to respond back. Don't expect any killer or loud sound quality. But if you have a Home Theater or any Amplifier/Speaker setup you could easily connect Echo to it with a 3.5 mm AUX jack. It is capable to deliver Dolby quality Stereo audio.

The Looks

The Amazon Echo was designed to keep your Hall in mind and available in various cases. Choose you pick which best gels with your room interiors. It is available in Charcoal Fabric, Heather Gray Fabric, Sandstone Fabric, Walnut Finish, Oak Finish and Silver Finish.

Even the Amazon Echo dot is not lagging behind. It is as well available in different shells right from leather finish to the humble fabric. You could choose from Saddle Tan Leather, Midnight Leather, Merlot Leather, Indigo Fabric, Charcoal Fabric and Sandstone Fabric.

Any Guess On Which One Costs Less?

Well let me tell you no prizes for the guess! Since Amazon Echo Dot is missing on the full scale speaker, it is the cheaper of the two. The idea is that you can have on full scale Amazon Echo product and multiple Amazon Echo Dot products to complete your Smart Home setup.

The Amazon Echo currently retails at USD 99.99 and INR 8499 and Amazon Echo Dot currently retails at USD 49.99 and INR 4499.


The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are equally competent devices and choice really depends upon your priority. The Amazon Echo with its full sized speaker would certainly delivery the best of the experience whereas the Amazon Echo Dot would deliver best of portability including third party Battery Base.

Moreover, if you are planning a Smart Home powered by Alexa and Alexa compatible devices, having one bigger sibling along with multiple smaller may not hurt.


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Disclaimer: Few Images were sourced from Amazon.com

2 thoughts on “What is Amazon Echo Dot?”

  1. I cannot get most of the songs I am looking for. the number of songs available is very low.
    I am told it is not available

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Amazon Echo comes clubbed with Prime Music. They pretty much have vast music library and if one has to believe it has around 1 million songs. But I do agree at times even I am at loss and only yelling at Alexa 🙂

      I would suggest to check if you song is supported by downloading the Prime Music app on your mobile device and searching for it. Many a times Alexa finds it difficult to understand and interpret few words. It’s evolving after all!

      Or else you can configure your Spotify account, if yo u already have one, in the ‘Amazon Alexa App’ and listen to all of your music!


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