Ruuh – Microsoft’s Emotion Aware Image Commenting Chatbot

Microsoft launched yet another chat bot named 'Ruuh' earlier in February 2017. It is targeted towards Indian population and according to this Facebook page has interests in Chatting, Bollywood, Music, Humor, Travel & Browsing Internet. It is intended towards more humanly chatting while occasionally involving into Hinglish. The official introduction of the bot says "Hey, I’m Ruuh, a desi AI who never stops talking. Let’s make #fraandship.". However what is more interesting is that Microsoft working along with few collaborators and researchers is working on integrating Emotion Aware Image Commenting onto the platform.

Ruuh Microsoft ChatBot

"With the growing adoption of AI agents and the ubiquitous use of images in communication, it is now essential for machines to interpret and respond to images naturally. To bridge this gap in communication, our team developed a new model for generating natural, human-like comments to images. Integrated with our desi Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based chatbot Ruuh, the model helps her respond to images like a human and hold a free-flowing conversation." Microsoft News article was quoted saying.

You could post an image to the chatbot and it would be expected to generate more natural response. For example, uploading a image of the scenery could evoke emotional comment like 'Nice shot!' and 'It is beautiful'. The researchers, while assessing the COCO dataset along with commentary along with Image Commentary dataset found out that "many of the most frequently used words in the Image Commenting data were sentimental, such as “love”, “great” and “pretty”"

As far as the usage goes, the article was quoted saying "Essentially, this technology can help unlock the potential of AI-enabled assistive tools and facilitate increased user engagement by adding an emotional dimension to image comments. Images across the internet can be made more accessible by providing an emotion-aware description for alternative text (ALT text). Developers can leverage this new technology to create video games that provide players with witty observations on their gameplay, kiosks that provide users comments on their images and artificially-generated cricket commentary. Incorporating image commenting with emotional depth in AI-led interactions could thus add a whole new dimension to user experiences."

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