Google Wants You to Clean Up their Search

googleJune 8, 2018
Google recently on their blog published a new feature to let users report spam on their search results. It’s a known fact that Google is one of the pioneers in Artificially Intelligence and employs sophisticated tools and techniques to get you the relevant results from authoritative sources but some spam do gets slipped in.

Google defines spam as any item or website trying to ‘manipulate’ their page ranking system. Page Ranking is the mechanism by which Google decides what pages holds relevance and should be shown first for given search query. In few other cases, it could be a hacked page or a website which could unknowingly be a victim of an attack.

In 2017 alone, Google reached out to around 220,000 website owners and sent across 45 million notifications for alerting them of possible problems with their website. In the same year alone, Google responded to around 90,000 user reported search spams. You can report any search result as Spam by clicking on ‘Send Feedback’ at bottom of search result page. Or you can categorically file Spam Report, Phishing Report or Malware Report by following respective links or through search console.

Image Source: Google

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