Bye Bye Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger9 June 2018 | Mumbai

  • Oath Inc, subsidiary of Verizon Communications has decided to put the curtains on Yahoo Messenger app.
  • The app and associated service is slated to be decommissioned by 17 July, 2018.
  • Yahoo Messenger users have 6 months to download their messages and would be redirected to Squirrel Messaging App.
  • Stiff competition from rivals and diminishing usage is considered reason behind closure.

Those of us who grew up in early ages of Internet would recollect that Yahoo! Messenger was the ubiquitous when it came to chatting. It came up with the then unique features like Online Status (Stealth mode), Chat rooms, etc. It started its journey with PC as texting service without needing a telecom connection which eventually was made available on mobile devices including iOS, Android, etc. But it seemed like too little too late since by then WhatsApp and Facebook chat really started catching up.

The company is letting the users download the content from within 6 months and have them redirected to Squirrel Messaging App. The Squirrel messenger at the time of written is still invitation based and does support modern features of all Chat Apps like sharing files, photos, weblinks, mentions, etc. But given we have WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Allo, iMessenger, Skype, FaceTime, etc. one would wonder if there is any space left for any new app. Also given that in India, Kimbho is also slated to launched after being taken down for security breaches, only time will tell which one of the lot survives.

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