Are you missing incoming call notification?

Recently, it so happened to my friend that he was not able to see any incoming call notification on his phone. He seemed tried everything to resolve except resetting his phone which was obvious reason was his last priority. After quite a bit of fiddling and meddling and missing few of my calls, he turned up to me to see if I had any solution. Well my obvious thought was that it definitely has to do with ‘Notification’! It was an Android device more from Motorola and we wasted no time in checking the OS version. It was Android Nougat v7.1.1.

Well the obvious place was to look at the settings. So we went to Settings and under Device checked the Notifications tab. It certainly came with list of apps whose notifications could be configured. Which one of them controlled the notification for ‘Incoming Calls’? Well we tried navigating to ‘Phone’ app and voila for some reason the ‘Block all’ option was enabled. We simply disabled it and it just started working fine. So in case if you are stuck as well below are the steps.


Android NotificationAndroid Nougat 7.1.1

  • Go to Settings > Notifications.
  • Scroll and locate ‘Phone’ app.
  • Make sure ‘Block All’ is unselected.
  • Make a call and verify.

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