Amazon Echo & Echo Dot receives price cut

  • Amazon Echo & Echo dot receives ₹ 1000 & ₹ 400 discounts.
  • Additional promotional offer of ₹ 1000 off on buying two Amazon Echo devices.

Amazon EchoJust after the global announcement of Amazon Fire TV Cube, (the India release date is to be verified) the Amazon Echo & Echo Dot has their price slashed.

The Amazon Echo receives ₹ 1000 & ₹ 400 respectively which works out roughly about 11% and 8.8%. At the time of writing, there was additional promotional offer of ₹ 1000 off on buying two devices at a time. The Amazon Echo houses 2.5" woofer and 0.6" tweeters where as the Echo Dot only has 0.6" tweeters. Both the devices houses Alexa and can perform similar operations. Example of which are



Alexa, ask Ola to book a ride.

Alexa, tell me a joke.

Alexa, ask Zomato to place an order.

Alexa, aks Goibibo flight fares from Mumbai to Delhi.

Alexa, play 'Pyaar humein kis mod pe le aaya.

Alexa, tell me the weather forecast.

The Echo & Echo Dot also let's you call anyone who has compatible device, i.e. Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Plus or Alexa App on Android & iOS mobiles with Alexa calling & messaging service enabled. You can then just call them from your phone's contact list,

Alexa, call mom.

Alexa, call Rajesh.

You can also control lights, plugs and more compatible connected devices from Philips, Syska, TP-Link, Oatker etc. Though the integration with them is still to to be verified. Interestingly, the Echo Plus & Echo Spot didn't receive any price cuts and continue to sell at ₹ 14,999 & ₹ 12,999 respectively.

The Echo Plus is available in various fabric trims from Black to Gray to White and which may blend extremely well with your home interiors. It is extremely important as Smart Speakers ad now becoming integral part of home automation and pretty a member sitting primarily in the living room.

Although the Alexa's integration with various services is catching up in India, if you have already invested in Smart Homes, having Alexa as your personal 'Jarvis' would just be the right idea. Do let us know what do you think of it and if you wish to buy the links are provided below.

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