Amazon Echo 2nd Gen – Your Personal Assistant!

At we strive to bring the niche and innovative product or technology. Today we are reviewing Amazon Echo 2nd Generation Smart Speaker. The Smart Speakers have been around for quite sometime now. Most often then not, they are clubbed with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Voice To Text translation services. In case of Amazon Echo the AI/Voice Assistant is called Alexa.

You can throw many kinds of questions and tasks at her and she excels around 70% of them. In this installment I would describe the unboxing and first look experience. We would then deep dive and see if it is truly worth. Well this time we have also created the unboxing and intro video. You can see it below.

Unboxing - The Package

The Amazon Echo comes in a rectangular blue box with the front describing few interaction sentences you can use. It is pretty neat and simple box which opens right up the top.

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Opening the box from top reveals tiny tab to pull out speaker and it's rather a very unique experience. The black inside the box breaks the blue monotony and you are first greeted with Amazon Smile. Pulling the tab all through out reveals the Smart Speaker packaged and secured nicely with unique package that holds charger in the bottom compartment.

Unboxing - Speaker Cradle & Charger Compartment

The Amazon Echo can be pulled out from the cradle easily. The bottom compartment is where the 21 Watt charger and bunch of guides, legal leaflets are stored.

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Unboxing - Smart Speaker

Meet the Amazon Echo 2 Smart Speaker! The Speaker looks more live vase that is wrapped with textured cloth. We opted for the black one and it looks pretty nice. It isn't as tall which is good since it can fit in pretty much at any place. To give you an idea of dimension, the height is of palm length and width (should really call circumference) is half palm length. It's slightly on the heavier side apparently because of quality speaker and woofer assembly.

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On the top it contains four button and around 7 holes for far-field microphones. It can easily listen to the wake word, i.e. Alexa, and your question from quite any corner of the room. Of the four buttons, one is to set Microphone Off in case you don't want Alexa to listen to you. Other two are volume up & down and an action button. It also has light right which depending up operation or command being given changes color. It's quite intuitive!

Come to bottom and you a big depression which we first mistaken for down firing speaker. In fact it while the Power Cable is out you can simply press it and pull out the cover shell. You can then see the speaker and rest of stuff in bare bones (see second last picture in above slider)

On the rear, it contains two ports, one for Power In which perhaps needs 15V, 1 Amp adapter and other for AUX OUT, which I believe you can plug you 3.5 mm headphone in there as well as any other amplifier.

The second last image is really pulling out the shell cover from the speaker. The cover is pretty solid and could be swapped with other color or texture covers you have. Amazon Echo could be seen in bare bone with bottom section still having the Woofer albeit bit higher.

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This was all to the unboxing and intro for Amazon Echo 2. Check below links to see more detailed walk-through.

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