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I promised you in my previous articles to share some tips and tricks for Apple AirPods based on my real-life experience. I had been using the devices for quite some time now and some of these tricks do really help to get maximum out of the AirPods. Word of caution, all the tips & tricks, menu navigation & screen captures are based on iOS 11.3.1. It's known that Apple's enthusiastic design & user experience department keeps changing them time to time.

Tip #1 - Accessing AirPod's settings

AirPods Settings 2After you have connected the AirPods to your iPhone or iPad you can simply goto Settings > Bluetooth > Tap the 'i' icon besides AirPods to access configuration options.

Once there, you can configure the 'Double Tap' action for both left & right pods. It's a convenient feature letting you take some basic actions while still being away from phone. You could as well invoke Siri and can give moderately complex commands like 'Get me directions for ...' or 'Call Mom' or 'Increase Volume' or 'Decrease Volume'. Would like to mention that volume is increased or decreased by one notch at each command.

You can configure whether the AirPods should automatically detect if they are in your ears. Keeping them on is wise since it comes with nifty play/pause feature. As soon as it detects its out of your ears, its pauses what ever you were watching or listening. And as soon as you put them back into ear it starts again. It would however be problematic when you are sharing one pod each with your friend to share music.

Each pod contains one set of noise cancelling Microphones and you can configure their activation. Ideally it should be Automatic but if you are using any single AirPod for hands-free calling you may want to active mic of that device.

Tip #2 - Widget for AirPod's Battery Status

AirPods Battery StatusYou can goto the Widget's page by swiping left from home page and can add battery status widget. Simply scroll down and tap on Edit, you will be presented with available widgets, search for 'Battery' and add to available list.

Once added it let's you see the status of all connected devices. In this case it shows iPhone's, AirPod's and Charging Case's battery status. To check individual AirPod charge, you can dock one in the Charging Case and while keeping other out.

In case you use the AirPods for talking you can as well use just one AirPod keeping other docked. In this case you may be saving some charge from the Charging Device and increasing the longevity of charge.

TIP #3 - Locating lost AirPods

AirPods Locate 1Back when AirPods were introduced in 2016, the critics were critical of fact that it's easier to loose them. Since release of iOS 10.3, they enabled 'Find My iPhone' to also locate AirPods.

To locate you AirPods simply launch the 'Find iPhone' app. If you can't find one, use Siri to locate or goto AppStore to download one. If the AirPods are were close to you, it would show up on the map and you could also play a sound to locate. If they are not close to you, it can still tell you the last location of the device.

Tip #4 - Sharing Music with Friend

Just the way you do it with the regular EarPods or headphones, you could as well share what you are watching or listening with your friends. With AirPods this just becomes so very convenient as you don't have to fiddle with chords or wires of any kind. But while in this mode, if you wish to use Siri, make sure you configure the Microphone, see point 1. Also you would want to disable the 'Automatic In Ear Detection'.

Tip #5 - Changing Name of AirPods

You can change names of your AirPods connected to given device. Just access the settings from Settings > Bluetooth > Tap 'i' icon, click on the Name and Edit it!

Tip #6 - Checking AirPod's firmware and updates

AirPods UpdatesApple keeps releasing firmware updates for the AirPods. As soon as AirPod's connect to the device the updates are pushed so it's fairly automatic and seamless. However if you are still interested to see what fimware version your AirPods are having, you can goto Settings > General > About > Scroll all the way down > AirPods. It will tell you about the Model Number, Serial Number, Firmware Version and Hardware Version.

Tip #7 - Cleaning the AirPods

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