2018 iPhone – Bigger Versus Cheaper

The Bigger versus the Cheaper has been a perennial dilemma for Apple. Despite the huge marketing hype for iPhone X, Apple was only able to sell 77.3 million iPhones in first quarter of 2017, Bloomberg reports. In most of the markets consumers were put down by the pricier price tag of iPhone X but still wanting many of the features it supports. So will 2018 iPhone be a bigger device or a cheaper device.

2018 iPhone A Bigger Device?

Apple 2018 iPhone X

It is expected that most of the Apple's from iPhone would now be coming from Asia. The Asian market loves bigger devices as well as their dual sims. The bigger device helps consuming websites, videos content better as well as helps giving bigger canvas for writing emails. With ability to split application windows in landscape mode, it let's you do better multitasking.

But the question is could there be a larger device than iPhoneX? Well if the report from Bloomberg has to be believed, Apple is working on the devise with 6.5" screen size. The body dimensions would be similar to iPhone 8 Plus but the screen would be edge-to-edge. This will make it an inch larger than iPhone X with similar dimensions. Apple may plonk in OLED screens used in iPhone X with higher resolution getting a more crisper image.

It is expected to come with Face ID thus taking out need and place for Touch ID. It will undoubtedly be coming with more powerful Apple A12 processor fabricated on 7 nano-meter process. The 7 nm fabrication will help the chip-maker (TSMC in this case) pack more transistors and therefore more processing power in similar sized silicon wafer.

It is also expected that Apple will be coming up with Dual SIM option albeit, based on current rumors, it could be a physical SIM with an eSIM. The eSIM is your regular SIM card but miniaturized further (5x6 mm) and soldered directly on the motherboard at the point of manufacture. With eSIM you can actually select operator from the list and simply activate.

2018 iPhone A Cheaper Device?

Apple 2018 iPhone SE

Apple attempted to get their hands dirty with cheaper device by selling iPhone 5c which for most part was made up of poly-carbonate body. At the time a more premium looking and feature rich iPhone 5s was selling for USD 110 more. Consumers obviously opted for the later one and Apple for forced to discontinue iPhone 5c.

Apple may again contemplate to bring in cheaper device. But this time, besides the plastic body, it may consider to support few cutting edge technologies like Face ID and edge-to-edge screens. This may help Apple compete with ton of Android competitors who already support these and much more for a lot less money.


If rumors have to be believed then the Apple could launch both a higher spec'd and therefore a pricier iPhone flagship device and a much more 'affordable' iPhone with few features from past year flagships. In short we expect Apple to follow the philosophy of an iPhone for every budget and pocket. Especially when it's eyeing an already price sensitive and intensive Asian markets.

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