Amazon firetv stick front coverAmazon FireTV Stick - Gateway To Entertainment!
In the era of online shopping Amazon is almost a ubiquitous name. What is more interesting is that it is rapidly expanding it's offering on personal entertainment front. If you are an avid amazonian, you would already be having Amazon Prime membership which comes with plethora of benefits. The first certainly is those super fast free shipments and second in form of 'Prime Music' & 'Prime Videos'. You could just go about installing these apps on your phone or tablet and enjoy the semi-recent movies, series, etc. Or you could buy what is called as Amazon FireTV Stick and simply enjoy high-definition content from various providers on a larger screen and your favorite couch! In this installment we will explore more about FireTV Stick and figure out what's stored in there for us.

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How Machine Learning Is Different From Deep Learning?
The term "Machine Learning" dates as back as year 1959 when Arthur Samuel then working at IBM coined it. Nearly six decades after that, due to advancements in computing and optimizations in number crunching, we could see it practically happening. But what exactly does the Machine Learning brings us? Well it brings us the "Artificial Intelligence", the process of mimicking the way humans learn, perceive and make decisions. It employs various methodology of gathering inputs, analyzing data, recognizing patterns and making strategies. But then what is Deep Learning and how, if at all, it is different to Machine Learning?

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GPU And Deep LearningThe Unbreakable Relation Of GPU And Deep Learning
Often times we hear about how GPU And Deep Learning are tied together and that later performs better on GPU than CPU. Several enthusiast performance benchmarking has shown that the basic Matrix Multiplication is at times 55x faster on GPU than CPU. Well I would admit that most of such examples I have seen are at the best rookie. But there is no denying in the fact that GPUs are more tuned for basic Math operation than CPUs. But what makes GPU so much efficient?

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Apple 2018 iPhone X2018 iPhone - Bigger or Cheaper Device
The Bigger versus the Cheaper has been a perennial dilemma for Apple. Despite the huge marketing hype for iPhone X, Apple was only able to sell 77.3 million iPhones in first quarter of 2017, Bloomberg reports. In most of the markets consumers were put down by the pricier price tag of iPhone X but still wanting many of the features it supports. So will 2018 iPhone be a bigger device or a cheaper device.

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Amazon Echo DotWhat is Amazon Echo Dot?
The Second Generation of Amazon Echo, it can be your personal Jarvis or can it be? We at will try find that answer. The world is going through Smart Speaker revolution. Most often then not, they are clubbed with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Voice To Text translation services. In case of Amazon Echo the voice assistant is called Alexa.
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Virtual Reality Google CardboardWhat Is Virtual & Augmented Reality?
The Virtual Reality by definition is complete immersion of oneself into a 'virtual' world that practically does not exists. The virtual world is created around you through a series of simulation hardware and software. Its basically convinces your mind by providing exclusive and immersive Visuals, Auditory, Sensory Inputs and Interactions usually through a head gear or device that you wear or wrap around your eyes.
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Virtual Reality Headset Sony Playstation VRWhich Virtual Reality Headset Should You Buy?
The Virtual and Augmented Reality is still at its nascent stages but we already have products which can give us glimpse of their potential and can be bought off the shelves. They come in various shapes and sizes and depends on some of the devices you already own. Most of them come in form of Virtual Reality Headset which could be worn around your head and in front of your eyes. Almost all of them gives you ability to interact with virtual or hybrid world with some sort of controller or tracking. Let’s explore the various types of VR Headsets and some of the options those you can buy off the shelf.
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Amazon Echo 2 PackageAmazon Echo 2nd Gen - Your Personal Assistant!
The Second Generation of Amazon Echo, it can be your personal Jarvis or can it be? We at will try find that answer. The world is going through Smart Speaker revolution. Most often then not, they are clubbed with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Voice To Text translation services. In case of Amazon Echo the voice assistant is called Alexa.
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AlexaHeroAmazon Echo 2 - Is it really worth it?
Previously we saw unboxing and setting up the Amazon Echo 2. In this one we will interact with Alexa, Amazon Echo's voice assistant, and ask her various questions from different subjects and level of complexity. While doing so, we will  be asking Alexa few fun questions and see what sort of humor is stored out there. All of this and much more, experience in below video.
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Amazon Alexa Google Play StoreAmazon Echo 2nd Gen - Setup and Initial Interactions
In previous installment, we saw unboxing of Amazon Echo 2nd Generation. In one we walk-through initial setup and basic usage of device. Setting up Amazon Echo 2nd Generation is relatively easy. You however do need a mobile phone or PC and an app called Amazon Alexa to configure the smart speaker. Below are few easy steps to get you up to speed quickly.
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iPhone 6s vs OnePlus 6How does OnePlus 6 Compares to iPhone 6s
With the recent launch of OnePlus 6 globally, we had been bombarded with tons of queries on how it compares to iPhone 6s. Yes you heard it right, the phone which was launched back in 2015. And why are we comparing these, well it's the economics this time. Both OnePlus 6 and iPhone 6s are trading at ₹35,000 (USD 518) and ₹37,000 (USD 547) respectively for their base variants. Both are incredibly capable devices, one giving the entry into the Apple's eco-system and the other bringing you the latest of the technology.
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iPhone SEIs iPhone SE Better Than iPhone 6?
Numerous of our friends have been asking us recently whether should they be buying iPhone SE or iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 had been Apple's flagship device albeit 3 years back. The iPhone SE was much touted as the 'affordable' iPhone with almost identical features.  This question has recently got more relevant with considerable price drop across both of these devices. Let's compare them on various aspects to see how they fare.
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AirPods – Pairing and Usage
In our previous post we took the tour of the device’s look and feel. In this one we will go through the yet very easy way of pairing the AirPods to various devices. Interestingly usually Apple products works well only in Apple’s ecosystem but the AirPods could just be used with any device which could stream audio over Bluetooth. And amazingly it sounds equally well whether you are hearing on iPhone or an Android device. However we still need to check whether all features are available on non-Apple device like battery status widget/pop-up, auto switching of microphone depending.
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Unravelling the Apple AirPods
After buying the new iPhone and being mesmerized by Apple Music, I felt an urgent urge to have a wireless headphones. The requirement was simple – they should be convenient and should sound awesome! And being on Apple’s ecosystem, what could be more better than Apple AirPods. After using it for few days and smitten with its ease of usage, I thought of writing this review. The Apple’s AirPods where introduced back on September 7th, 2016 along with iPhone 7. It introduced the world with truly wireless headphone with it’s revolutionary W1 wireless SoC designed to deliver.
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AirPods Locate 1AirPods Tips & Tricks
I promised you in my previous articles to share some tips and tricks for Apple AirPods based on my real-life experience. I had been using the devices for quite some time now and some of these tricks do really help to get maximum out of the AirPods. Word of caution, all the tips & tricks, menu navigation & screen captures are based on iOS 11.3.1. It's known that Apple's enthusiastic design & user experience department keeps changing them time to time.
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Amazon EchoAmazon Echo & Echo Dot Receives Price Cut

  • Amazon Echo & Echo dot receives ₹ 1000 & ₹ 400 discounts.
  • Additional promotional offer of ₹ 1000 off on buying two Amazon Echo devices.Just after the global announcement of Amazon Fire TV Cube, (the India release date is to be verified) the Amazon Echo & Echo Dot has their price slashed. The Amazon Echo receives ₹ 1000 & ₹ 400 respectively which works out roughly about 11% and 8.8%.

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  • Oath Inc, subsidiary of Verizon Communications has decided to put the curtains on Yahoo Messenger app.
  • The app and associated service is slated to be decommissioned by 17 July, 2018.
  • Yahoo Messenger users have 6 months to download their messages and would be redirected to Squirrel Messaging App.
  • Stiff competition from rivals and diminishing usage is considered reason behind closure.

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Microsoft to Buy GitHub for 7.5 Billion Dollars
June 4, 2018 | Redmond, Washington Microsoft, the technology giant, seems to be on the buying spree and this time it’s rather a giant open sourced ‘source control’ platform “Microsoft is a developer-first company, and by joining forces with GitHub we strengthen our
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Amazon Unveils Fire TV Cube
June, 9 2018 | India Amazon unveiled it’s new box looking like streaming media player naming it Fire TV Cube. It’s capable of streaming 4K Ultra HD vivid picture quality upto 60 fps with Dolby Atmos for life like sound. It has inbuilt Alexa into it nearly delivering hands-free operation
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